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Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle
With Emphasis on the Marks’ Bloodline

Texas Longhorn cattle come in many colors, frame sizes, and horn shapes.  These unique traits, designed by nature, have been preserved by seven families, all true longhorn, and each marked by specific traits. 

The Mark’s bloodline is one of the oldest linages in the breed.  In the early 1920’s, E.H. Marks noticed that the Longhorns were disappearing from the market place and he began holding back some of his best animals to keep the breed and the Mark’s linage alive. 

Marks’ raised a lot of big, twisty horned, brindle cattle, known for their calm disposition and ability to “live off the land,” and produced a calf from each cow every year.  Upon his death in 1969, the land and cattle passed on to his daughter, Maudeen, and son, Travis Marks, who continued on with the work their father had started.